As the seasons change, so do the needs of your trees. Just as you swap out your wardrobe to suit the weather, your approach to tree care should also adapt to the season. Whether you’re basking in the summer sun, watching leaves fall in autumn, bracing for winter chills, or welcoming spring blooms, each season brings its own checklist for keeping your trees in tip-top shape. Here are some seasonal tree care tips that will help your trees stay strong and stunning all year round. 

Spring: Awakening Your Trees 

Spring is a time of renewal, and your trees are no exception. They're waking up from their winter slumber, and this is the perfect time for you to: 
Inspect: Look for signs of damage or disease on the branches and trunk. The sooner you spot potential issues, the easier it is to manage them. 
Mulch: Refresh the mulch around your trees to conserve moisture and regulate soil temperature. Just remember not to pile it up against the trunk. 
Prune: It's time to prune dead or diseased branches. Pruning in spring allows trees to heal quickly and directs energy to healthy growth. 
Water: As the weather warms up, your trees will need more water. Deep watering can encourage deeper root growth, which helps trees access nutrients they need to flourish. 

Summer: Hydration and Protection 

Summer can be tough on your trees, especially with the heat and potential droughts. To help your trees beat the heat, you should: 
Water well: The key is deep watering less frequently rather than little and often, which encourages shallow root growth. Early morning is the best time to water. 
Pest & Disease Check: Insects and diseases are most active in summer. Keep an eye out for any changes in your tree’s foliage or bark that could indicate a problem. 
Avoid Construction Damage: Summer is a popular time for outdoor projects, but be mindful of your trees' root systems when planning construction or landscaping. 

Autumn: Preparing for Dormancy 

Autumn is the ideal time to prepare your trees for the colder months ahead. Here’s how you can help them: 
Fertilise: After a long, hot summer, your trees will appreciate a boost of nutrients to help them through the winter. 
Prune (again): While spring is a good time for major pruning, autumn is great for light pruning to shape your trees or remove any dead wood. 
Planting: If you’re thinking of adding new trees to your property, Autumn is the perfect time because the cooler temperatures help encourage root growth. 

Winter: Dormant Care 

Trees may seem inactive during the winter, but this season is critical for their future vitality. 
Inspect for damage: Winter storms can take a toll. Check your trees for any broken branches or signs of weakness. 
Protect young trees: Consider wrapping the trunks of young trees to protect them from frost and sunscald. 
Plan ahead: Winter is a great time to assess your landscape and plan any big tree care projects for the coming year. 

How we could help... 

Throughout each season, remember that you’re not alone in your tree care journey. A professional tree surgeon can be your ally, offering tailored advice and services to keep your trees healthy and beautiful throughout the year. With a bit of seasonal care, your trees will not only survive but thrive, adding value and beauty to your property year after year. 
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